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  1. The Wall Street Journal has an article today that looks into market-indexed CDs. Here's how the article describes what a market index CD is: Unlike traditional certificates of deposit, which earn a preset interest rate for a specific term, an indexed CD is linked to one or more financial indexes, such as .
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  3. Jun 19,  · Basic CDS Index Analytics The biggest difference between entering a portfolio of single-name CDS contracts and entering a CDS index contract is the protection premium.
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  5. Jul 28,  · I awake each morning knowing my investments might jog up or down, but even in the depths of the - crash, I knew our retirement was not threatened, thanks to our CD ladder. As an aside, I chuckle at the pundits on CNBC (and elsewhere) who talk about three to five years as being a "long-term" investment.
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  7. Jun 25,  · The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a stock index that represents the average price movement of 30 large companies from various industries in the United States. Named after Charles Dow and Edward Jones, the famous stock benchmark is also known as Dow Jones, the Dow 30 or as it is most often called, "the Dow.".
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